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What's next ?

Posted: Tue Mar 05, 2019 4:28 pm
by jerome
I don't know exactly, yet. Actually this is why I published a demo out of the source - and this forum this morning :
  • Sam would need the Level Editor to be debugged and handy (this is a total mess !).
    This would be cool if anyone could share new levels
  • Code is tricky and messy... but work fine nevertheless.
    Still, it could be cleaned and modernized a bit to share it with you
  • So this is about time... I'm fighting a lot with time theses days
    for now time is winning :/
  • The 'You mastered the game !' panel is missing,
    It's a shame, as you already broke three pads and get no rewards.
  • ...
So let me know ;) :
It will depend on the number of downloads, posts, pm, views, poll results etc...

I think about patreon-like projects or crowdfunding... something like 2€/$ for the full game, 5€/$ for complete sources and inner documentation, maybe.
Please, don't be angry about it, this will be less than the price of a beer. I already did a lot of open-source in my life, it's just about time and karma, not trading. I also thing about team work, contributions like music, tiles, levels, creative common. I would love to see this these pixels survive a bit :)

:idea: so please, play, post, comment, like, hate ! :idea:

Re: What's next ?

Posted: Wed Mar 20, 2019 10:10 am
by jerome
Spent most of the time during the 2 last weeks on the Sam code, to improve it and push a new release (demo #2) :geek:
demo02dev.png (262.3 KiB) Viewed 253 times
Also I tested the level editor which looks like to work , globally :) but its tricky and a bit buggy :ugeek:
scka.png (12.53 KiB) Viewed 253 times
main menu
sckb.png (14.23 KiB) Viewed 253 times
NPC management menu

Would be cool to share it here it once reworked 8-)

Re: What's next ?

Posted: Sun Mar 31, 2019 8:40 am
by ggn
Keep up the good work!