play it on PC/Mac/Linux/PlayStation etc...

Try it out !
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play it on PC/Mac/Linux/PlayStation etc...

Post by jerome » Sat Mar 23, 2019 3:50 pm

No need to own an Atari ST to play Sam Nasty 8-)
you can use an emulator. Once you installed the application, you can "insert a floppy" of the game in it - ie, you drag a file (the "floppy") in the emulation program to run it.

There's many Atari ST emulators around, the most complete list I know about is here :

Personnaly I use the Steem emulator you will find here (free, no ads). It runs on Windows or Linux :
steemsse is the more recent version of the project, but steem 3.2 will do.
you will need to download (at least) the 2.06 TOS file from, which is the operating system of your virtual Atari, then to tell Steem where its located (nothing tricky)
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